It's "COMP"licated: How to Master the CMA (Presented by the NVAR Vietnamese Forum)

April 16, 2018

8407 Pennell St.
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Event

Vietnamese Forum

Is your client’s new roof as sexy as they think it is? Preparing a CMA can be a daunting task when there are no good comps to your listing. How do you assess the similarities and differences in homes? Is there a formula for valuing extra rooms, baths, brick front vs vinyl siding, acreage, etc.? What is a reasonable listing age and distance? So many questions! Join us for this timely session where you’ll learn how to master the CMA and price your listings like a pro in this competitive market!

Moderator: Michelle Sanoske, Vietnamese Forum Chair


Scott Begab, Begab & Associates

Diane Beachy, Independent Fee Appraiser