Grow Leads and Increase Your Listing Inventory with RPR® [NVAR Herndon Center]

March 14, 2018

520 Huntmar Park Drive
Herndon , VA

Office: Herndon

Type of Event: Specialty

Instructor: Win Singleton

The word Specialty

Marketing your real estate business to a neighborhood has several proven techniques, but what should you think about when selecting your farm area? What type of property and market data will you deliver to homeowners? And where will you turn for to answer their questions? The answer is RPR®. Let us show you…Join us to learn how to build a start-to-finish, successful real estate prospecting strategy using RPR’s dynamic data and impressive reports, available only to REALTORS®. Our session will show you how to:

•Calculate the marketability of your target zone

•Create a customized farm area using search tools and maps

•Spark conversations with homeowners using the RPR app and reports

•Convey your value to For-Sale-By-Owner listings

•Build brand awareness with reports that peak homeowner interest

In addition, we’ll show you how to leverage your circle of influence, identify distressed properties and use RPR’s map drawing tools and geographic overlays. Finally, we’ll review how to use RPR Market Activity reports as a tool to help you get more listings.

*Prerequisite - RPR Basic Course  (one must have created an RPR account and have a basic knowledge of RPR)