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At NVAR’s October 2017 Convention and Trade Show, Brogley’s Estate Organization and Relocation won NVAR’s “Fabulous First-Timer” award for their booth display, engaged staff and impressive product offerings.

Brogley’s, a women and veteran owned business, serves its clients with many services – decluttering, downsizing, senior moves, concierge services, selling, donating and repurposing items, staging homes, hoarding relief and much more.

"I’m crazy enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. We bring order and peace of mind in a difficult time for the client."

Brogley’s works with Realtors® to ease the transaction process by decluttering and staging homes to get properties on the market faster.

“I know what Realtors® do and it’s a lot,” Elizabeth Pitcher, founder and owner of Brogley’s, said. “We can take some of the burden off the Realtor® and the client by juggling the myriad tasks associated with selling a home.”

Pitcher said she thinks it’s beneficial for clients, Realtors® and service providers to have a comprehensive team approach, which allows for a more effective and efficient process.

As a small and personalized company, Brogley’s can tailor its services to each client’s specific needs – managing every detail and providing a one-stop shop for services.

The company has completed many specialized projects, such as working with a museum to place a client’s valuable belongings on display; moving a 95-year-old with very specific needs into an assisted living community and distributing remaining belongings to multiple locations; and replacing floors in a house and restoring it afterwards “exactly to the apple stem pointing the same direction,” according to Pitcher.

Brogley’s also provided pro bono services after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey by organizing people’s belongings and bringing in supplies for those who lost their homes.

Pitcher said she and her husband got into the business by happenstance after clearing and settling her father’s and grandfather’s estates, and again when a client referred a friend who needed help. She soon found it was her passion.

“I’m crazy enthusiastic and passionate about what we do," Pitcher said. "We bring order and peace of mind in a difficult time for the client. Brogley’s goal is a seamless transition for everyone we serve.”

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