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Please complete the requested information and indicate your interest in the Committees listed below. Please note that some have specific pre-requisites. Committee applications are accepted between Aug. 1 and Oct. 13, for positions beginning Jan. 1 of the following calendar year. After your application has been submitted, you will be notified about appointment decisions by the first week of November.  



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NVAR 2018 Committees

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Public Policy
The committee tracks legislative activities at all levels of government and recommends policy positions to the NVAR Board of Directors. Committee members assist in planning special annual legislative events, such as the legislative reception and the trip to the state Capitol, as well as mobilizing grassroots participation in calls-for-action on issues campaigns.
Staff Liaison: Mary Beth Coya. mbcoya@nvar.com

TThe Northern Virginia/Realtors® Political Action Campaign Committee is in charge of the annual political fundraising campaign from January to July. Committee members assist the Campaign Chair in planning fundraising activities and promoting the benefits of NV/RPAC to fellow Realtors®. Contributions raised are used by the NV/RPAC Trustees to support Realtor®-friendly candidates and issues of importance to the real estate community.
Staff Liaison: Mary Beth Coya, mbcoya@nvar.com

Budget & Finance
Committee members build the annual budget, ensure that the association’s activities comply with the annual budget, maintain the financial integrity of the association and review and recommend Board of Directors’ actions as needed. Committee is also responsible for the Annual Audit and Management Review.
Staff Liaison: Jim Foster, jfoster@nvar.com

Standard Forms
(NVAR Members of five years or more may apply.) Responsible for creating, reviewing and revising the standard forms developed by NVAR for members. The committee ensures that forms remain in compliance with federal, state and local laws. Committee members must commit to attending at least nine monthly meetings each year.
Staff Liaison: Sarah Louppe Petcher, spetcher@nvar.com

(NVAR Members of five years or more may apply.) Committee is responsible for reviewing written complaints involving possible violations of the Code of Ethics, Lockbox Rules and Membership Duties. Volunteers must attend mandatory training in order to serve on the committee. The committee meets once a month. Members should be prepared to attend at least nine monthly meetings per year. Review of cases in advance of meetings is required. Most members bring their laptops to the meeting to access the cases.
Staff Liaison: Stevie Fisher, sfisher@nvar.com

Professional Standards/Arbitration
(NVAR Realtor® Members of five years or more who have previous service on the Grievance Committee or Board of Directors may apply.) Committee members are responsible for serving on the hearing panels that are convened to hear disciplinary cases or claims involving Realtors® regarding contractual and/or procuring cause disputes that arise out of real estate transactions that have been forwarded by the Grievance Committee for a formal hearing. All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training session in order to be eligible to serve on a hearing panel. In addition to attending the training, committee members serve on five to ten panels each year.
Staff Liaison: Sarah Louppe Petcher, spetcher@nvar.com

NVAR Cares
(NVAR Realtor® Members of five years or more who have previous service on the Committee researches, analyzes and provides recommendations for NVAR involvement and outreach. While some of this involvement will be in the form of financial support to local nonprofits, NVAR will seek appropriate opportunities to begin, build and maintain new relationships. The partnerships that we create will have the ultimate goal of our providing service to our community.
Staff Liaison: Jill Landsman, jlandsman@nvar.com

Technology Advisory Group
The Advisory Group will discuss the latest trends and ideas in real estate technology, which technologies members are using on a daily basis, and potential strategic technology partnerships and opportunities. The Group will explore topics and speakers for technology-focused member events, as well as explore innovative ways to bring technology education and services to the membership.
Staff Liaison: Shawn Hanna. shanna@nvar.com

Education Advisory Group
Members research, develop and review course curriculum and other educational offerings in union with NVAR staff to fulfill the educational needs of members and the community. Members also discuss the latest trends and topics in real estate and make recommendations for new and innovative classes, programs and other educational event.
Staff Liaison: Renee Brown. rbrown@nvar.com

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