Taming Your Taxes: Targeted Tips for Realtors® - Hosted by Vietnamese Realtors® & Small Brokers Forums

December 11, 2017

8407 Pennell Street
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Event Forum

Instructor: Sam Klausner

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As a self-employed real estate professional you already know that you can write off many of the expenses you incur in your business. You know the basics, but do you know all the deductions you could (and should) be taking? Should you own or lease a car? Should you establish an S corporation? What are some deductions that could raise a red flag with the IRS? What are some best practices and recommended apps to maintain your records and keep track of mileage, expenses and receipts?

Join us for this timely session where you’ll learn how to tame your taxes and start 2018 with the right tax tools for success!

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