On March 31, the NVAR Public Policy Committee welcomed representatives from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) to discuss the regulation of Common Interest Communities (CIC).

Heather Gillespie, CIC Ombudsman, and Trisha Henshaw, Executive Director of the CIC Board discussed the duties of their offices and answered member questions during this well-received public policy forum.

To download the PowerPoint presentations from the March 31 NVAR Common Interest Community Forum, please click on the links below. These can be downloaded in PDF formats.

When Common Interest Communities and Realtors® Collide.

Overview of The Common Interest Community Board.

2016 Major Investors

See a list of the 2016 Major RPAC Investors.

Platinum R ($10,000+)

* Individuals’ Pledged Investment           P President’s Circle Investor


Golden R ($5000+)

* Individuals’ Pledged Investment           P President’s Circle Investor

Maureen McEnearney Dunn

Thomas Stevens P

Theodore Theologis

Crystal R ($2500+)

* Individuals’ Pledged Investment           P President’s Circle Investor

Robert Adamson

Candice BowerP

Moon Choi

Tracy Comstock

Mary Beth Coya

Nick Lagos

Susan Mekenney

Sherry Rahnama

Erin Rauner

Christine Richardson

Patricia SzegoP

Theo Theologis

William Wiard IV*

Jon Wolford

Sterling R ($1000+)

* Individuals’ Pledged Investment           P President’s Circle Investor

Access National Corporation

Mark Ackerman

Lorraine Arora

Julia Avent

Mary Bayat

William Buck

Pat Buck

Robyn Burdett

David CharronP

Commission Express

Genevieve Concannon

Ryan ConradP

Lisa Dubois-Headley

Heather Embry

Virgil Frizzell

Delk Hamaker

Margaret Handley

David Howell

Rosemarie Johnson

Sita Kapur

Karen Kidwell

Pat Kline

Katharine Kratovil

Sarah Kwon

Gary Lange

Craig Lilly

Scott MacDonald

Christina Macro

Ali Mansouri

Tom Meyer

Thai-Hung Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen*

Boofie O’Gorman

Anne Rector*

Zinta Rodgers-Rickert

Fetneh Schacht

Veronica Seva-Gonzalez*

Tanya Tyburski

Susie Branco Zinn



* Individuals’ Pledged Investment                                                                          

P President’s Circle Investor                        

State Call to Action

State Call to Action: Oppose Budget Amendment to Increase Petroleum Reduction Deductible

A dedicated trust fund was established in the early 1990s which is used to reimburse homeowners and businesses for the costs associated with cleaning up petroleum releases. Owners of leaking tanks are required by law to report and cleanup the releases.

NV/RPAC Trustees

The NV/RPAC Bylaws outline the membership of the NV/RPAC Trustees. All Trustees are appointed to their terms by the NVAR Chairman of the Board and consist of:


The Committee shall be comprised of eleven (11) voting Trustees: 


  • Two (2) RPAC of Virginia Trustees representing NVAR, staggered three year terms; 
  • One (1) at-large NVAR contributor to Northern Virginia/RPAC, 2-year terms for each; 
  • Two (2) at-large members of the NVAR Board of Directors, 2-year terms for each; 
  • The Northern Virginia/RPAC Campaign Committee Chairman, 1-year term;
  • The NVAR Public Policy Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman, 1-year term for each; 
  • The Chairman of the NVAR Legislative Bill Review Committee, 1-year term; and,
  • Two (2) additional NVAR members, 2-year terms each.


Should one of the above members be unwilling or unable to serve their designated term, the NVAR Chairman of the Board has the authority to appoint an equivalent member to that position.

Trustee Info

The NV/RPAC Trustees


Candidate funding decisions are made by NVAR Realtor® members who serve as NV/RPAC Trustees. The eleven Trustees are appointed by the elected NVAR Chairman of the Board. The NV/RPAC Bylaws outline the criteria for becoming a Trustee, and include the appointment of the chairmen of the Government Affairs, Legislative Bill Review and NV/RPAC Campaign committees, at-large BOD members, and other at-large RPAC contributors.

Your local NV/RPAC Trustees are fellow Realtors® of both parties. They conduct interviews of candidates for state and local office and analyze candidate responses to NV/RPAC’s issue questionnaire. For incumbents, the Trustees review the official’s voting record on Realtor® issues, leadership positions, committee assignments, willingness to work with NVAR, and likelihood of being re-elected. NVAR lobbyists and members of the Trustees would have also met with the elected official during his or her term in office.

The Trustees leave their individual party affiliations at the door when making funding decisions, and support the candidates that best represent the views of the “Realtor® Party” on issues relating to the real estate industry and homeownership.


For additional information on the candidate endorsement process, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


NV/RPAC Trustee Appointments

View a sample candidate questionnaire

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